AAMS (Advanced Assisted Manufacturing Solutions)

AAMS is a private and independent company selling services to Mechanical and Metallurgical companies looking to overcome machining issues. AAMS provides technical service solutions focused on advanced machining performance, material characterization, green lubrication, and process monitoring. AAMS is operating on the CEROC research center platform located in Fondettes city, France, 2 hours away from CDG International Airport.

The main topics covered are lubrication techniques and strategies, process optimization, cutting tool selection, grade, geometry, cutting conditions, programming, vibration analysis, and rigidity spot checks (even on-site).

Material expertise: microstructure of materials, inclusions nature and characterization, additive manufacturing (build directions, fatigue properties), post-machining of parts produced by additive manufacturing. By demonstrator and prototype building around those areas of interest, AAMS wants to demonstrate that machining can be done in a more innovative and sustainable way without sacrificing performance or cost per part.

Specialties: MQL, Cryogenic machining, Cutting processes optimization, Machinability, Sustainable lubrication techniques, New material post-processing, Data analysis (cutting forces, temperature, vibrations), Demonstrator building, Dynamic machining, Cutting tool and lubricant benchmarks, Friction tests, and Wear analyses (tools, coatings)