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Project coordinator

Prof. Dermot Brabazon
School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering, Faculty of Engineering & Computing Dublin City University, Ireland

Prof. Fatima Zivic
Faculty of Engineering, University of Kragujevac, Serbia
Prof. Yorgos Goletsis
Department of Economics, University of Ioannina, Greece
Prof. Caroline Richard
Département Mécanique & Systèmes, University of Tours, France
Faculty of Engineering, University of Kragujevac

6, Sestre Janjic Str., 34000 Kragujevac, Serbia

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+381 34 335990 (+ext.)

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Mr Dragoljub Rajic
Business Support Network (BSN), Rail Cluster for South-East Europe (RCSEE), Serbia
Ms Ana Racic
AMM Manufacturing, MIND Group, Serbia
Dr Ahmed Rassili
CRM Research Group, Belgium
Ms Marialidia Porcelluzzi
Progetto Impressa, Italy

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