The European Scientific Association for material FORMing -ESAFORM- is a non-profit scientific association. It was founded in January 1997 with the aim to propagate interest for all types of materials and all topics connected to Material Forming.

AMable – Support for SMEs in the uptake of Additive Manufacturing

AMable supports SMEs in the uptake of Additive Manufacturing through training, services and funding. It provides opportunities to learn and to explore, to test ideas and to assess economic viability. All from one source. Visit the AMable Services Arena and see what is in for you.

Mecamat –  Mechanics and Materials scientific association

A place of meetings and exchanges for the scientific community.

SF2M –  Scientific society on Metallurgy and Materials

The French Society of Metallurgy and Materials, SF2M brings together around 1000 individual members (from the industrial and academic world) and 15 partners (industrial groups or federations).

It is a place of meeting, training, and exchange, a driving force for the dissemination of information and innovations, and a point of convergence in a national and international network in the field of materials, their manufacture, and their usage.

AFM – French association for mechanics

The Association Française de Mécanique, created in 1997 at the instigation of the Haut Comité Mécanique (HCM) and the University Association in Mechanics (AUM), with the decisive support of the Federation of Mechanical Industries (FIM), is a company scholar representing Mechanics in France as a whole.

FIM – Federation of mechanical industries

The Federation of Mechanical Industries, which brings together 20 professional unions and 3,000 member mechanical companies, is one of the most important industrial federations within France Industrie. It interacts at the heart of a rich and varied ecosystem.

IUMM – Union des industries  et des métiers de la métallurgie

Cefracor– French Association on corrosion

The Thematic Commissions, open to the CEFRACOR members, are an ideal place to exchange scientific and technical information, to write technical documents, draft standards, etc., or to prepare technical days.

A3TS -French association on Thermal treatment and Surface Treatement

A collaborative structure serving the dissemination of materials treatment technologies – heat treatments and surface treatments – in industrial sectors.