We are the team of experienced digital marketers and designers. TellDigital is creative, agile and multidisciplinary company devoted to delivering revolutionary solutions and services. We focus on the purpose and live by a mission that is clearly communicated throughout the team and our clients. We work in an agile environment with modern technologies and approach to business. We are empowered to deliver a meaningful difference and improve products and services. TellDigital solutions and products is all about working together by staying in contact during the whole process. That way we know from the start how to avoid uncertainty and unrealistic expectations. Some of the industries that we were involed are: health, chemistry, gardening ,e-commerce, engineering…

Our services

1. Business development:
Business objectives, Market research, Sales plan, Customer and Competitor analysis, Budget and Operational planing , Backup and Marketing plan, Project Management and Reviews

2. Courses:
We expand our knowledge with online courses and training to customers who want to learn and get information about the topics we work on.
Some of the courses are: Digital Marketing Master Class, MicrosoftOffice, Adobe Photoshop, UX/UI Design

3. Digital marketing:
Creating modern campaigns with unique style and building a complete digital experience of brand. By advertising and managing accounts on social networks(LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram), we enable clients to connect with their market, find new customers and communicate with them directly, quickly and efficiently.
By carefully analyzing clients needs and fresh ideas, we turn the target audience into customers. We deal with strategic writing, copywriting for digital and offline communication and content management.

Website: http://telldigital.ch/