Engineers Ireland

Engineers Ireland aims to support our members at every stage of their career, whether commencing as a student, apprentice, a qualified graduate or as an experienced engineer.


Polymeris draws on 15 years of expertise and experience in supporting businesses, with in-depth knowledge of the techniques and markets of tomorrow.

A benchmark in terms of innovation for the plastics, rubbers and composites sectors, we work in France and internationally in favor of a dynamic and innovative industry by relying on a network of public and private actors both at the level regional than national and European.

Polymeris offers services to all industrialists to bring out new R&D projects, stimulate and
promote innovation and develop internationally.

S2S2- Competitiveness cluster, specialized in energy management

Its mission is to support their members, from the design to the marketing of products and services.
They offer a wide range of services designed to strengthen the competitiveness of our members:
setting up and managing innovation projects, technical training, marketing support and technology


Regional competitiveness cluster (association under the law of 1901), is commissioned by the
Regional Council and the Direccte Centre to develop and sustain the aeronautics industry in the
Centre-Val de Loire region. At the regional level, the sector includes 336 establishments and 24,245
employees, ranking 7th in France.

La Fabrique de l’industrie

La Fabrique de l’industrie is an independent think tank, acting as a platform providing elements, ideas for thought on the outlook of French and international industry.

As a resource centre for all those interested, La Fabrique works on the attractivity of jobs in the industry, on its relationships with local areas and populations, on the opportunities and challenges related to globalization and on its ability to be competitive. Themes of employment, education and skills are also at the heart of La Fabrique’s research.